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Welcome to the Snape-Potter Community Fest Archive! Snape-Potter is a community on Live Journal, Insane Journal, and Dreamwidth created for all Severus Snape and Harry Potter shippers. This is an archive created by and for adults. Most of the work is slash fiction and adult in nature and by clicking on those links you are stating you are of legal age in your jurisdiction to view that material. Access by minors is strictly forbidden. Please police yourself.

This archive is the place where we host all the art for our fests and one of the many places where we keep back-up copies of all our fest fic. Although not designed to be used for reading, it is still reader friendly and you can find all the fest pieces by author or by fest. You’ll see that we link back to the original posts on Live Journal, Insane Journal, and Dreamwidth so that you can easily leave a comment for the author or artist.

The Snape-Potter Archive is managed and operated by Snape-Potter mods Accioslash and Torino10154 who maintain the archive in trust for the Snape/Potter fan community.

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