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Snarry Swap 2009 Fic

Of Indeterminate Viscosity by drachenmina

Paradise Falls by eriador117

A Match in the Making by alisanne

Harry Potter’s Perfect Detention by lilyseyes

Lily’s Eyes by triceybabe

But, For My Own Part, It Was Greek to Me by thesewarmstars

The Shopping Trip by dingochow

Look… At Me by rakina

Taking Care of Harry by jean_c_pepper

Definition of Need by asnowyowl

Fearful Symmetrie by emynn

Dark Desires by fbowden

Poco Allegretto by gin_tonic

Shelter by alliekatgal

Sight’s Thrall by carawen

Worth It by inoru_no_hoshi

Pictures of Harry by centaury_squill

A Culinary Seduction by quill_lumos

L’arte degli amanti by iani_ancilla

Fools No Longer by ivylady

The Healing of Lethe by winoniel

Snake Charmer (Clothing Optional) by chiralove

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