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Snarry Swap 2010 Fic

An Accident in Time by ciraarana

In for a Sickle, In for a Galleon by centaury_squill

Birthday Surprises by Duochan-the-Mpregfan

The Freak by eriador117

If the Shoe Fits by unbroken_halo

Through a Glass Darkly by whitecotton

The Merry-Go-Round by the_con_cept

Animal Husbandry (Not Really What it Sounds Like) by eeyore9990

Just A Technicality by aceia

Scent of a Man by alisanne

One Word Off by rowaine

Life is for Living by lillibet4

Sudden Urges by lilyseyes

Tangled by asnowyowl

Future Turned Backward by werewindle

Just Desserts by ivylady

Let your Heart Walk by winoniel

Power in Submission by shadowess

Magorian’s Ruby by quill_lumos

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