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Snarry Swap 2012 Fic

A New Leaf, a New Page, and the Beginning of Always by rycolfan

A New World by socks4dobby1

A Spot of Trouble by lilyeyes

Careful Negotiations by torino10154

Dark Equivalency by leela_cat

Heart of Stone by gingertart50

Hints From Severus by cruisedirector and dementordelta

House Arrest, by atanvarne_lj

Let’s Try Something Different by deirdre_aithne

Looking for Perfection by claucita

Misfired, Misstep by intrepidy

Mists of Time by centaury_squill

Of Monsters and Men by roozette

Only Wanna be With You by knowmefirst

Rebuilding Severus by alisanne

Sense for the Senseless by emynn

Slow is Better, Sometimes by me_midget

The Best Christmas Ever by angela_snape

The Second Time Around by suitesamba

The Winter Out There by emilywaters76

Wandless by alchemia and bugland

Without You, I’m Nothing by eriador117

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