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2010 Back to Hogwarts Fic

A Bounty for Charon by lemondropseven

A Different Kind of Family by laurenke

An Anomalous Agreement by lilyeyes

Ancient History by strav

Diddling Considered as One of the Exact Magics by k8bnimble

For the Best by alisanne

From Oleander to Mistletoe by angela_snape

Hogwarts Knows Best by cruisedirector and dementordelta

Insanity Comes from Your Child by snapesgirl

Intramural Games by sillypowers

Meeting by incandescent

Nature Abhors a Vacuum by curia_regis

Our Past is Also Our Beginning by silenceberry

Philandering Philosophers and Alternate Acts of Alliteration by eeyore9990

Returns by amanitamuscar1a

Ronald Weasley, Wizard Detective by fancypantsdylan

The Brat, the Git, and the Skirt by eriador117

The Collection by alisanne

The Herald by joanwilder/RaeWhit

The Life of Another by jin_fenghuang

The Visitor by emerald_dragon8

This is a Kiss by conzieu

Through the Cracks by gin_tonic

What I Did on My Summer Holiday by slu64

When Unicorns Shit Sparkles by eeyore9990

Where He Belongs by babygray

While Visions of Children All Danced Through Their Heads by starduchess

Wishful Thinking by entrenous88/EntreNous

You Can Go Home Again by torino10154

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