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2011 Cliche Fest Fic

A Grim Old Cat by oliversnape

A Pointed Revelation by cruisedirector and dementordelta

A Potent Potion by fancypantsdylan

A Push in the Right Direction by angela_snape

Bathtime Fun by calecus

Bewitched by torino10154

Confusing Night by hkpadfoot

Detonation by schemingreader

Eight Months and Forever by k8bnimble

Falling Slowly by atypicalsnowman

Grabbing a Bite (Even If It’s Not a Sandwich) by eeyore9990

I’d Wank Instead (or the Forty-Fourth Day) by socks4dobby1

I’ve Served Too Many Masters by teas_me

Je m’abandonne by atanvarne_lj

Joyride by joanwilder/RaeWhit

Lacrimosa in the Tesco Coffee Aisle by gingertart50

Lemons to Lemonade by starduchess

Little Boy Lost by eriador117

Marriage Lines by amanitamuscar1a

Medium Rare by jadzialove

No Cosy Cottage Holiday by me_midget

Role Call by alisanne

Safety in Secrets by deirdre_aithne

Saturday’s Song by emynn

Seven by emilywaters76

The Accidental Fathers (or “And Bob’s Your Uncle”) by suitesamba

The Interrupted Kiss: A Fairy Tale by emynn

The Space Between Us by necromanticnoir

There is a Crack in Everything by literaryspell

Unconditional (or, Buttsex… For the Children!) by eeyore9990

Unforeseen Possibilities by laurenke

Unspeakable Torture by the_con_cept

What Harry Needs lilyeyes

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? by snapesgirl62

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