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Snarry-a-Thon 2009 Fic

A Lowering of Defenses by hpstrangelove

A Match Made in Ottery St. Catchpole by bk7brokemybrain

A Necessary Condition by abbybanks

After Long Silence by paperbacked

An Awkward Customer by anya_elizabeth

Asphodel and Ink by shadowess

Avoiding Umbridge by centaury_squill

Coffee by crimson_vipera

Crossed Wires by torino10154

Dear Diary by bethbethbeth

Deceptive Appearances by eeyore9990

Etudes d’esprit by winoniel

Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day by accioslash

Expecting the Unexpected by katiebell_0408

Family by judy32083

Far Away by calanor

Felinated by the_con_cept

Fixation by irana

Harry’s Digital Obsession by angela_snape

In Sickness and in Health by inoru_no_hoshi

Inferior Potions by liangzian

Kissing Velvet by eriador117

La Petite Mort by the_flic

Lost and Found at Bluehill by draconic_girl

L’ouragan by femmequixotic

Negative Irrational Multiplication by florahart

Papa Mia by alisanne

Proper Accoutrement by asnowyowl

Pursuing Pleasure by nienna_seregon

Reasons to Live by lesyeuxverts

Rum and Cigarettes by lucianwolf

Seven Steps to Heaven by whitecotton

Sorting It Out by lilyseyes

Speed and Expediency by drachenmina

The Fluidity of Magic by the_minx_1

The GL, Oder Der Giftige Lautsprecher, nicht wahr? by rakina

The Glass of Wine by slashislove

The Man Who by dementordelta

The Plant by thesewarmstars

The Principles of Scientific Management, Second Edition by treewishes

The Secret of Seeing Rightly by quill_lumos

The Shadow of the Other by atypicalsnowman

The Symbolism of Symbolism by magic_helmet

Discovery by warped_factor

Don’t Cry by calanor

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