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Snarry-a-Thon 2010 Fic

A Hero by Any Other Name by literaryspell

A Hundred Million Suns by eriador117

A Pocket Watch Mystery by paperbacked

A Shared History by literaryspell

All Heaven’s Glory by carolinelamb/countesszero

Anglesey by Rae Whit/joanwilder

Berries Under a Blue Moon by Elf/elfwreck

Better Homes and Dungeons by Abstract Concept/the_con_cept

Both Sides Now by mk_malfoy/sev1970

Bring Together the Pieces by florahart

Captive Spirit by alisanne

Corresponding with Snape by asnowyowl

Creatures of Ruin and Need by literaryspell

Day’s End by literaryspell

Delusions of Madness by eeyore9990

Escape from the Dark and Into the Black by k8bnimble

Expecto… by janice_lester

Finding the Way Home by alisanne

Glasses Lost by incandescent

His Jealousy gryffindorj/gryffindorj

His Lover’s Keeper by lilyseyes/lilyeyes

Hope Springs Eternal by torino10154

In A Heartbeat by shadowess

In Between the Lines by laurenke1

In Conference by hambelandjemima

In the Blink of a Purple Eye by Ari/kayakaari

Keep Buggering On by femmequixotic

Know Thine Own Heart; The Scandalous (and Spiritual) Tale of Mr

Harry Potter by necromanticnoir

Ladyhawke by crimson_vipera

Ley Lines by dementordelta and cruisedirector

Niemöller, or Four Times When Harry Didn’t Speak Up and then

When He Finally Did by leela_cat

Of Poisons Past and Present by literaryspell

On His Terms by eeyore9990

Only in Their Dreams by Ari/kayakaari

Overbooked by keppiehed

Owl You Need is Love by auctasinistra

Patronus Play by alisanne

Precious by literaryspell

Punishment? by snarrylover

Requirements by sillypowers

Restitution by hpstrangelove

Rites of Passage by ThreeSidedOrchid/synn

Science Fiction, Double Feature by treewishes

Scratch a Cynic…. by bk7brokemybrain

Sibilant Seduction by unbroken_halo

Something in Common by drachenmina

Son of Darkness by claucita

Speed Dating by mabonwitch

Ssspilling Sssecrets by Ari/kayakaari

Tell Me I’m a Good Boy by literaryspell

The Arrangements by mrscake

The Awaited Day by silenceberry

The Best Laid Plans of Severus Snape by lilyseyes/lilyeyes

The Importance of Plum Trees by quill_lumos

The Marauders Ride Again by sweetmelodykiss

The Mentor by lilyseyes/lilyeyes

The Mostly Entirely Truthful History of Recent Events as told by
Narcissa Malfoy by shiv5468

The Other Potter by sa_kun

The Path to Enlightenment by angela_snape

The Power of Words by mrscake

The Venus Fly Trap by alexcaster

The Victory March by atypicalsnowman

The Young Master by literaryspell

Time’s Boomerang by centaury_squill

Too Hard To Go On, Too Much To Give Up by literaryspell/literarybeauty

Unnatural Desires by ivvymoon

What’s Good for the Gander is Good for the Goose by torino10154

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