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Snarry-a-Thon 2011 Fic

A Golden Opportunity by k8bnimble

A Tale of Two Dots by mrscake

Aftermath by femmequixotic and noeon

All I Really Need To Know I Learned From Snarry by shadowess

All My Dreams by lilyeyes

Altruistic Second Sight by lilyeyes

An Accidental Opportunity by lilyeyes

Animal Lover by laurenke

Balance of Power by eeyore9990

Beautiful Delusion by secretlypadfoot

Blood Sugar Sex Magic by roozette

Bric-a-brac by ubikono

Bump and Grind by leela_cat/Leela

Catch and Release by roozette

Caught by narryaworry

Ch-ch-changes by snapesgirl

Christmas Morning by lucianwolf

Cupid Stunt by shiv5468

Defying Gravity by perfect_potion

Don’t Judge a Book… by slu64

Double Blind by ensnarryed

Equal Measure by eeyore9990

Finally, To See by atypicalsnowman

Finding My Place by bk7brokemybrain

Harry Potter and the Secret Island by carolinelamb

Harry Potter and the Wizard by danikos_realms

Harvest by amanitamuscar1a

Heat by mrscake

I Was Adrift by necromanticnoir

In His Nature by laurenke

In Which Harry Needs More Dresser Space, and Severus Gets Some

Unexpected Spice by deirdre_aithne

Instant Family by cruisedirector and dementordelta

Life’s Hard Lessons by claucita

Love, Thieves, and Fear by emynn

Marital Probation Bliss by rowaine

Naughty Boy by eriador117

Nine Days Wonder by gingertart50

Normal States of Mind by hpstrangelove

Of Teddy Bears and House-elves by fancypantsdylan

Olly, Olly, Oxen Free by lemondropseven

Order of the Phoenix, File Number: 056243 by gryffindorj

Perfect by annescriblerian

Picture Perfect Gryffindor by alisanne

Playing with Matches by emynn

Potion Personality by mrscake

Potter, P.I. by alisanne

Presumed Clarity by often_astray

Pushing Buttons by eeyore9990

Rhyme or Reason by mrscake

Ron’s Eyes Are Opened by mrscake

Second Time Around by elfwreck

Sev Bear by mrscake

Talk of the Village by torino10154

The Alluring Time by winoniel

The Bite and the Cure by entrenous88

The Chronos Factor by starduchess

The Midnight Wanderers by mrscake

The Right Kind of Wrong by imera

The Visitor by bethbethbeth

The Wedding Weekend by mrscake

Til I Kissed You by misbehavingmom

Trouble with Texting by mrscake

Turning Over Gravestones by angela_snape

Vice Versa by centaury_squill

Whole Again by alisanne

With Time by me_midget

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