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Snarry-a-Thon 2012 Art

A Benevolent Presence by windwingswrites

A Chance Meeting by akatnamedeaster

All The Magic They’ll Ever Need by obiskus

Concoction of a Very Tidy Plan by o_k_go

Dress Rehearsal by phoenixcharm180

Harry Potter and the Little Prince by chiakidark

In The Scented Garden by stellamoon

Losing Battle by majmunka

Midnight Tryst by daisygirl_080

Papped! by centaury_squill

Potter! You Are Too Heavy! And Don’t Drool! by sealcat

Pushing Buttons by daisygirl_080

Rapture by luinie

Road to Heaven by snapy_90

Six Months More by abrae

Something Wrong With Severus by sealcat

The New Potions Master by Ponderosa

The Silver Doe and His Boy Who Lived by tripperfunster

Unbuttoned by veridari

Unveiling by shoeythoughts

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