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10th Anniversary of the First Published Snarry Fan Fic Fic

Afternoon Delight by Sushi

An Unexpected Gift by alisanne

Cape Wrath I & II by torino10154

Coping Mechanisms by angela_snape

Dear Harry and Professor Snape by joanwilder

Eager Presents by starduchess

Freedom by optasia

Happy 10th Anniversary by starduchess

I’d Be Sad if You Died by emynn

Slytherin Tactics by k8bnimble

The Anniversary Gift by optasia

Three Drops by bethbethbeth

A Lesson Learned by venivincere

A Perfect Ten, by emynn

Anniversary, by torino10154

Better Than Life by curia_regis

Bittersweet by inoru_no_hoshi

Breathe Together by lilyseyes

Coffee and Kisses by crimson_vipera

Come Home by leela_cat

Commonplace Magic by sinick and acid3

Defying Expectations by dementordelta and cruisedirector

Harry’s Prince, by MK Malfoy/sev1970

Hogwarts Takes Care of its Own by leela_cat

Keep in the Sunlight by swtalmnd

King’s Cross Station by ziasudra/ziasudra_fic

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence by cluegirl

Life After Voldemort by lilyseyes

Mine and My Lovers’ by necromanticnoir

Oh, Just Shut Up Alread by flaminia_x

Shifting, by jadzialove

Slytherin Streakers by centaury_squill

So Pretty by alisanne

The Darkest Corner of My Heart by necromanticnoir

The Price of Magic by sinick and acid3

Understanding by synn/ThreeSidedOrchid

Unexpected Surprise by alisanne

Welcome Home by morganlefaye1958/irish_red_blush

Worth It by inoru_no_hoshi

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