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Fixt It Fest Fic

A Dream Just for Me by Sectumsempra

A Happy Ending Fit for a Prince, by torino10154

A Man Once More by cayce_morris

A Quiet Beginning by starduchess

Always Fixing Things by lilyeyes

As the Wind Behaves by verdeckt

Bonds of Affection by fancypantsdylan

Damaged by curia_regis

Deserved Help by alisanne

Four Hands and a Suitcase by gin_tonic

Hoping for the Impossible by alisanne

If the Seas Catch Fire by perverse_idyll

In the Very End by ensnarryed

Inevitable by atypicalsnowman

Kiss of Life by emynn

One More Task by torino10154

Reconciliation and Renown by torino10154

Silvered Truths by atanvarne_lj

Teardrops by eriador117

The Back-Up Plan by dementordelta and cruisedirector

The Place Between Fact and Fiction by emynn

(Un)Lucky by danikos_realms

What If? by ensnarryed

Wild Thyme Honey by schemingreader and undeny

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