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Secret Snarry Holiday Exchange Fic

A Chance Encounter, A Lasting Bond by torino10154

A Christmas Eve Interlude by lilyeyes

A Severus in Any Other Form Would Be Just As…Sweet? by aeryun247

A Sort-Of Christmas Story by lelek

Annual Review by angela_snape

Beyond Price by atanvarne_lj

Breathless by sweetsorcery

Dear Father Christmas by emynn

Denouement by abrae

Dissembling Truth by the_kinky_pet

First by alafaye

First Christmas by atypicalsnowman

Five Christmases by isisanubis

Footprint by intrepidy

Gift of the Magus by bk7brokemybrain

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by writcraft

Home For The Holidays by eyesdimtonight

In Season by necromanticnoir

Lucky Bint (or Why Harry Potter wants to be Sleeping Beauty) by asnowyowl

Marshmallow Fluff by cruisedirector and dementordelta

Mistletoe Misadventure by fancypantsdylan

Mistletoe Mischief by rycolfan

Not With a Bang by me_midget

Of Pine, Cinnamon, and Fairy Venom: A Snarry Holiday by slave2write

Out Under the Sky by the_kinky_pet

Passing The Time (or: How Severus Snape Is Devious) by deirdre_aithne

Patience by slu64

Severus and the Snow Globe by suitesamba

Snared by thewrite

Staff Party by centaury_squill

The Boxing Day Dog of War by d_andru

The Chain Will Link Again by drarryxlover

The Family Clock by sra_danvers

The Great Snarry Snowball Fight and Other Poems by shadowsrest

The One by teas_me

The Patient Winter by elmyraemilie

The Promise of Light in the Dark Days by bk7brokemybrain

The Sensual Art of Brewing by kjmom1

To Find My Peace by starduchess

Under the Mistletoe by demarafis

Warmth by secretlypadfoot

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