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Proper Accoutrement

Author: asnowyowl
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Word count: ~3446
Warning(s): Chan – Harry is 17. (highlight for spoilers) *From the prompt, I’m sure you can guess that Harry will experience non-consensual object penetration.*
Prompt: Draco Malfoy wants to embarrass the newly-outed Boy-Who-lived and so during potions he magics a butt plug and matching cock-ring into and onto Harry. Snape is not amused at Potter’s subsequent squeals and groans, and orders him to stay behind.
Summary: Pretty much what the prompt says. *nods*
A/N: Beta’d by J—any further mistakes are all mine. I had such fun with the prompt! *Smooches to the prompter.*

Proper Accoutrement

“Potter, didn’t your parents tell you that it’s not smart to admit you’re a poufter when you’re still at boarding school?” Draco Malfoy stalked up the corridor, flanked by the rest of the seventh-year Slytherins. “Oh, sorry. I forgot. You have no parents.”

The Slytherins laughed.

Harry’s hands fisted at his sides.

“Just ignore him,” Hermione whispered. “We’re almost to class.”

“Better yet, just hex his arse,” Ron said.

Harry shook his head.

But Malfoy wasn’t done. “Because when your dorm-mates know you’re a shirt-lifter, they’ll all be afraid you’ll slip into their beds at night.”

Harry pulled a deep breath through his nose and reached out to open the potions classroom door.

“I bet he’s got a crush on you, Draco.” Pansy Parkinson’s simpering voice would have been recognizable anywhere.

“Do you, Potter?” Malfoy called out. “Of course, you do. I bet you lay in bed at night imagining me naked.”

Harry’d had enough. He turned, pasted on a smile, and said, “Oh, I do imagine you naked, Malfoy.”

Malfoy’s eyes widened. He stopped walking, causing other Slytherins to run into him from behind.

“What’re you doing, Harry?” Ron hissed.

Harry ignored Ron, staying focused on Malfoy. “Yeah. Whenever I get an inconvenient stiffy, I just imagine you naked. And just like that,” he snapped his fingers, “it’s gone. I’ve meant to thank you for that.”

The Slytherins all looked scandalized, but the Gryffindors hooted.

Ron nudged Harry. “Why didn’t I think of that? And here I’ve been using Filch and Umbridge.” He ran his gaze dramatically up Malfoy’s body. “Yeah. That’ll work much better.”

Harry and Ron both laughed and made to push through the classroom door. Before Harry got across the threshold, however, his shoulder was roughly grabbed and Malfoy’s voice hissed in his ear, “You think you’re so smart, Potter. Wait until you see what I have in store for you.”

“You don’t scare me.” Harry stepped into the classroom, taking his seat beside Ron.

Moments later, Snape entered the room, his overlarge nose buried in this month’s Witch Weekly.

Harry groaned. That was the magazine that had caused all the trouble.

Over the summer, Harry’d asked the only other gay wizard he knew, Charlie, how to meet other wizards of their persuasion. Within moments, Charlie had shrunk one of his sexy, leather outfits to fit Harry and whisked him off to a gay dance club. Charlie had been more than comfortable there, but Harry had definitely felt out of place.

Some photographer from Witch Weekly had snapped photos of Harry at the club. He hadn’t danced that night, had barely even talked to anyone but Charlie, but that hadn’t stopped the photographer from taking pictures that made Harry appear to be in the company of several different men.

Snape walked over to Harry’s worktable and dropped the magazine, open to the photos of Harry in a tight leather outfit. “Interesting reading,” he murmured. He snatched the magazine back up and swept toward the front of the room, placing it on his desk, and flicking his wand toward the board. Potions instructions appeared. “Begin.”

* * * * *

Harry was about half-way through his brewing, when someone whispered, “Hey, Potter. I’ve got something for you.”

Harry wheeled around.

Draco Malfoy was smirking at him.

“What now, Malfoy?”

Malfoy muttered something and Harry felt magic hit him. It was a moment before he felt the effect of the spells Malfoy had cast. He gasped.

“Potter, is there a problem?” Snape asked. He was sitting at his desk, magazine in hand.

Harry shook his head as he took inventory of his suddenly abused-feeling genitalia. His cock felt horribly constricted, as if something was wrapped tightly around its base. And there was a burning fullness in his arse. Harry had a few moments of panic before he realized what had happened. Malfoy had fitted him with a cock-ring and butt plug!

He swung around to face a silently laughing Malfoy.

“I hear those are the proper accoutrement for a good bottom,” Malfoy whispered between chuckles.

Harry waved his wand, attempting to remove the offending toys, but to no avail. “End the spell!” he hissed.

“Mr. Potter! You are in potions class not the,” Snape’s eyes flicked to the magazine, “Crossed Wands Club. You will refrain from dancing around and making overtures at your classmates.”

“I’m not doing anything!”

Snape raised one eyebrow.

“Sir, may I be excused to go to the loo?”


After that, Harry gave his potion up as a lost cause. There was no way he could brew when it felt like a gloriously large prick was stuffed up his arse. Gods, if it wasn’t Malfoy’s magic, and if he was in bed right now….

But as brilliant as the plug was, the cock-ring was worrisome. Harry’d done enough research on sex toys to know the dangers of prolonged blood constriction to the penis.

There were ten minutes left in class. The cock-ring had been on for ten already. Harry knew it wasn’t considered healthy to have his cock constricted for more than a half-hour. He breathed a little easier. He would have plenty of time to get back to the dorm and remove the damned thing (provided it didn’t need to be spelled off by Malfoy) within the safety zone.

“It appears you abandoned your potion half-way through. Such a waste of ingredients.”

Harry startled. He hadn’t realized Snape was standing behind him until the man had spoken.

“I’m not feeling well, sir. I really do need to use the loo.”

“Too bad for you that I require your presence after class, then.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t.”

Snape swung Harry around by his shoulders. “You can and you will.”

* * * * *

Harry stood in front of Snape’s desk, shifting his weight from foot to foot, amazed at how easily he’d gotten used to the butt plug and cock-ring, scared that maybe that meant he was already suffering nerve damage.

After several minutes, Snape put down the magazine (Merlin, how many times could the man look at those photos? Was it really that much fun to embarrass Harry?) and said, “Too busy dreaming about your conquests to brew a potion? Tell me, how many passed you around that night?” He tapped one of the magazine photos. “Did you go from cock to cock? Did you brace yourself against a grimy wall and allow anyone who so desired to fuck you? Or did you save yourself for the Weasley spawn?”

And how inappropriate was that? Harry was at a loss for what to say.

“Answer me.” Snape stood. His nostrils flared.

“I… I didn’t do anything that night. I just went to see what it was like.”

“So you and the Weasley boy…”

“Are friends. Nothing more.”

Snape nodded. He walked behind Harry and paused at his back. “Why didn’t you brew your potion?”

“I’m not feeling well.”

“You seem fine. A little agitated, perhaps.”

“I’ll do better next time, or I’ll come in tonight for detention, but I really have to leave now, sir. It’s a bit of an emergency.” Harry knew he’d put his foot in it as soon as that last sentence was uttered.

“And, pray tell, what type of emergency could have befallen the conqueror of Voldemort during potions class? I cannot even guess.”

“Please, sir, I really have to leave. I’ll serve detention as long as you like, but I have to leave now.” Harry glanced at the clock, wondering how hard and fast the half-hour cock-ring rule was.

Snape circled around to the front, insinuating himself between Harry and the desk.

Harry stumbled a step backward.

“It is lunchtime now and I have a free period after,” Snape said. “What class do you have after lunch?”

“None. I usually go outside or to the library.”

“Then I calculate we have at least an hour for this standoff to continue.”

Harry whimpered. “I can’t wait that long.”

Snape leaned forward, his face inches from Harry’s. “Then tell me the truth about your supposed emergency and you may leave.”

“It’s… it’s personal, sir.”

“A rendezvous, perhaps? I will not allow it. In fact, to be safe, I will accompany you to your next class. I will not make it easy for you to blithely service the boys of Hogwarts.”

What? “I’m not servicing anyone! And why would you care if I was?”

Snape tapped the magazine. “Let’s just say I’ve taken a recent interest in your… affairs.”

Merlin, could Snape mean what that sounded like? Harry’s cock, which had been blessedly quiescent until now, gave a hearty twitch at the thought that Snape could want him. The man might not be the most handsome bloke, but he exuded machismo, and Harry was a sucker for a manly man.

Being fucked hard was his favorite fantasy; he’d just never thought to put Severus Snape in the role of the fucker. And wasn’t that a terrible oversight? Harry’d be using this newfound fantasy tonight, he was sure. Well, provided his prick was still working. His cock fairly throbbed at the thought of being fucked by Snape. But an expanding penis meant the cock-ring was tighter — more likely to cut off the necessary blood supply. Gangrene of his bits was not conducive to a healthy sex life! Harry pulled in a deep breath and lunged toward the door. He’d escape and worry about the consequences later.

Unfortunately, Snape’s body bind spell was quicker than Harry’s legs. Several feet from the door, Harry found himself constrained, falling sideways with a thud.

When Snape walked over to stand in front of his prone body, all Harry could see were his highly-polished shoes. “I will release you, but you will not attempt another escape. Furthermore, you will tell me the truth.” Snape reversed the spell and Harry clambered back to his feet, the butt plug shifting in his arse with every movement.

Snape walked back to his desk and motioned Harry to follow.

Like the whipped puppy he was, Harry did.


“During class, Malfoy spelled a cock-ring and butt plug onto me and I can’t get them off using magic and I’ve read that cock-rings shouldn’t be left on for more than a half hour or they could cause damage and now I have to get my dorm and try to get it off manually.” Harry took a deep breath.


“Yes, sir.”

“Why would he do such a thing? I am quite certain he is straight.”

“He hates me. That’s enough reason for him. But now that you know the truth, can I please leave, sir?”

“I think not. It would be remiss of me to let a student leave when he might have some sort of physical damage to his… ahh… body, without first checking for such damage.”

“Checking for… Oh!” Harry’s heart missed at least one beat. He watched, speechless, as Snape cast locking and silencing charms on the door and then turned to study Harry for a moment, before, with a flick of his wrist, he bared Harry completely.

Snape stepped close. “Does it excite you to have me looking at your body?”

Harry looked down at his prick. It was hard and dark — swollen with desire. There was no sense in either affirming or denying the obvious, so he remained silent.

“I can plainly see that it does. Interesting.” Snape reached one long-fingered hand toward Harry’s cock, but stopped several inches shy.

Without conscious thought, Harry leaned forward, trying to force contact.

Snape chuckled. “Ah. I will take that as permission, then.” One finger swirled around the head of Harry’s cock and then retreated.

Harry whimpered.

“Warm to the touch and responsive. I dare say there is no damage as of yet.”

“Can you remove it?” Harry asked, his voice croaky, not sounding at all like it belonged to him.

Snape’s fingers were back, dancing in the air over the cock-ring. “Would you like me to? Or would you prefer to make the attempt?”

“You, please.” Harry didn’t care at this point that he was begging for Snape’s touch. If it got him more of those fingers against his heated flesh, he’d go down on his knees and serenade the man.

Snape smirked. “So be it.” With a touch so gentle, it was barely there, Snape traced around the cock-ring, finger brushing Harry’s skin.


“Please, what? Please remove the cock-ring, or please keep touching you?”


“Good boy.” Snape’s finger left Harry’s skin. “But first, tell me how many you’ve been with. How many men have sullied you?”

Harry looked into the man’s eyes and saw a heat there he hadn’t thought Snape capable of. “None,” he answered truthfully.

“I am the first to touch you?”


Snape let out a long breath. He wrapped a hand firmly around Harry’s cock and simply held on, making no move to either remove the ring or stroke the flesh. With his other hand, he cupped Harry’s face and tilted it up. “If I free you from your restraints, how much is on offer? How much of you will you give to me?”

“Anything. Everything.”

Snape leaned down until his lips were nearly brushing Harry’s. “You will allow me to snatch that plug from your arse and replace it with my cock? You will let me fuck you?”

Harry moaned. Merlin, how he wanted just that. “Yesssss….”

“Only you, Potter, could be both virgin and slut.” Snape closed the scant distance between their mouths, forcing a deep, aggressive kiss.

Harry clawed at Snape’s clothing, feeling as if he wanted to crawl right inside the man. Pasted against each other was far from being close enough.

Snape finally pulled away. His cheeks were pink, and his breathing rough. Without releasing Harry’s cock, he banished his own clothing.

Harry gasped at the sight before him: a lightly furred chest begged to be petted, the hollow of Snape’s stomach invited bites and kisses, but further down, Snape’s cock was meant to be worshiped. It sat red against a thatch of dark hair, a drop of pre-come glistening along the slit. Harry wanted nothing more than to fall to his knees and suck it into his mouth.

“I will release you from the ring, but you will not come until I allow it.”

Harry nodded, although he wasn’t sure if he could physically do as he was being commanded. In fact, he was desperately afraid he’d come as soon as the ring was removed.

Snape’s fingers pulled at the tie of the leather ring, quickly unknotting it.

The freedom felt marvelous. Harry’s cock pulsed, dangerously close to orgasm. He bit his lip and willed himself not to spill his seed.

Snape discarded the ring onto the floor and pulled Harry to him, pressing their bodies together, and leaning down to suck Harry’s bitten lip into his own mouth, teasing the abused flesh with his tongue.

Harry’s greatest wish at that moment was that he was of equal height to his professor so he could feel Snape’s cock against his own. But as it was, Harry’s prick was at Snape’s thigh and Snape’s was pressed high against Harry’s stomach.

“Tell me I can fuck you.”

“Yes. Yes, you can fuck me.”

“Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

“So much. Want you so much.”

Snape growled and moved away, leaving Harry feeling bereft at the loss of contact. But before Harry could complain, Snape was at his back, fingers parting his arse cheeks. “Beautiful,” Snape said.

Harry fairly purred over the compliment, even if it was only about his arse.

“Mr. Malfoy has good taste. Do you know what he fitted you with?”

Harry shook his head, hoping Snape would see the movement.

“From what I can see of the flare, it appears to be high-quality blown glass. You are lucky you didn’t smash it when you fell earlier.”

Harry cringed at the thought, but was smart enough to not remind Snape that it was his own binding curse that had caused Harry’s fall.

“Have you worn a plug before?”


“Ah… then I don’t suppose you know the pleasures a plug can give. You see,” Harry felt Snape’s fingers brush near his hole and then the plug moved, shifted down and rubbed against a spot that made his knees go weak and a howl issue from his throat, “that is your prostate. Have you read about it? Have you experimented with touching it?”

“Gods! I knew about it, but never touched it. Feels brilliant, sir.”

Snape twisted the plug in Harry’s arse, causing it to rub against his prostate over and over.

“I won’t last if you keep doing that.”

Harry’s bum was smacked. He yelped, but then had to concentrate on not coming from even that bit of sting.

“You will come when I command.”

Harry felt the plug being pulled from his hole and was amazed how empty he felt without it. He was sure he could happily spend the rest of his life with something shoved up his arse.

Suddenly Snape was in his line of vision again, a multi-colored, smooth, phallic piece of glass in his hand. He set the plug on his desk and then sat down on the wooden surface, summoning lube, and coating his cock. “Come here.”

Harry crossed the distance, stopping just in front of Snape’s knees.

“You will sit on my lap. Straddle me. By lowering yourself onto my cock, you can control the pace at which I take your virginity.”

Harry did what he was told. He kneeled over Snape’s cock and lowered himself down, Snape’s arms wrapped around his back, giving him extra balance. At first, it seemed as if Snape’s cock just wouldn’t fit. Even with his hole stretched by the plug, it seemed almost impossible. But then the head of Snape’s cock popped past Harry’s muscled entrance and slid in.

From there, it was a tight fit, but an easier slide.

When he was seated completely on Snape’s lap, the man’s cock buried inside him, Harry asked, “Will you kiss me again?”

Snape smirked, but leaned forward and did what Harry asked.

As they kissed, Harry began rocking his hips, getting used to the feeling of Snape’s prick filling him so completely. When Snape moaned, it spurred Harry on. He lifted himself off Snape’s lap and then dropped back down.

Snape let go of Harry’s waist with one arm and leaned back to support his weight on it. He lifted his hips and met Harry’s next downward slide, and then continued to thrust from the bottom.

The feeling was so much more than Harry could have ever dreamed it would be. The fullness was satisfying, the brushes to his prostate were like flashes of lightning, and Snape’s reactions, moans and shudders, were almost enough to push Harry over the edge.

“I want to come. Please, sir, I can’t hold off much longer.”

Coal black eyes looked deep into Harry’s. “Touch yourself and come for me.”

Harry wrapped his hand around his cock, pulled once, and crested, screaming out his orgasm as Snape continued to thrust relentlessly into his hole.

Moments later, Snape grunted and Harry felt warmth spread through his channel. It was the sexiest thing he’d ever felt.

* * * * *

Harry didn’t know how to act around Snape for the next two days. He saw him in the Great Hall at meals, but Snape kept his eyes averted, never once looking Harry’s way. By the time Harry had his next potions class, he was almost desperate to talk to the man. He wouldn’t — couldn’t — let that one time be all they’d ever have. Snape had to want him again, hadn’t he?

Like when he was at meals, Snape avoided Harry’s eye in class. He gave them the instructions for the day and then sat at his desk, fingering a paperweight Harry had never seen before. In fact, when Harry looked more closely, the paperweight had the same bright colors threaded through it that the butt plug had had.

Harry felt magic wash over his body. Oh, gods, not again! His arse slicked and stretched around a smooth object. He swung around to glare at Malfoy, but his nemesis was busy in the supply cupboard.

Turning toward the front of the class, Harry saw Snape was finally looking at him, through eyes that almost appeared to be on fire. A smirk was spreading across his face, and the paperweight had disappeared.

Harry wriggled his bum, once more getting used to the feeling of fullness. Well, at least Snape hadn’t used the cock-ring….


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